viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

Friday in motion

Pedazos de una escapada
[Un resumen a base de objetos de una escapada con mi familia de fuera de la que podemos disfrutar una vez al año. Entre otras cosas frikis, se nota que somos familia porque nos gustan los comics y las cosas hechas a mano. Así que ese día, no perdimos el tiempo. :)
De ese día, así, tengo tesoros intangibles y también algunos tangibles como estos! feliz finde!]

[One saturday in short with these few objects: A well spent day with my family. The one that live outside and that we only get to spend one weekend a year with them.
There are many things in which you could tell we are related but... some of my favorite are: handmade love and comics. :) So we always find some time to visit our favorite comic stores in Barcelona when they come here. Here are some memories from that day. Happy weekend!]

2 comentarios:

  1. SO jealous! I really need to get myself an instax. Sounds like an awesome weekend :)

    1. I do not want to push people to consumerism but... Yes you need one! haha
      If it helps my advise: I know this one is more expensive but it is worth it. I've owned the Piano Black too and the quality of the photos of the Mini 90 is far more better and beautiful.



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